My Story

“Passion, Creativity and Beauty are keywords that have become an integral part of my being…hence, the blossoming of Intimately Mine.”

My name is Aderonke Olamilokun, I am the Founder and Owner of Intimately Mine. I am an enthusiastic traveler, wife and mother. I am very passionate about children; newborns hold a very special place. And advocating for abused children is very dear to my heart.
As a lifelong entrepreneur I saw an opportunity to help WOMEN. Throughout my travels, I saw instances of women everywhere wearing bras incorrectly. I also fell into that category several years ago, it was a struggle to find large cup sizes that will fit me perfectly……so this was the beginning of my adventure into the world of Lingerie! passion in Creativity remains a driving force

My passion in Creativity remains a driving force and has witnessed my venture into spaces where beauty-related projects are concerned; makeup/headgear artistry, home Interior, events décor, organizing/planning events amongst others.
My love for planning and organizing events led to a bold and decisive step to return to the classroom in pursuance of a Bachelor’s Degree in Events Management at the University of Greenwich in England.  I yearned to do something challenging and also sought to redevelop myself. These were all huge factors for my return to a lecture room as a student after so many years.

Upon completion of the programme, a 1st Class BA Honours was awarded. As an Events Management Consultant, the management and creative skills acquired over the years became the driving force to venture into lingerie retailing amongst other beautiful adventures.
This step was the beginning of one of many strides of who I am today and what I have become through God’s grace! And most importantly, it paved the way to the creation of INTIMATELY MINE.

Intimately Mine

As earlier mentioned, Intimately Mine originated from an inspiration which I had during a trip in 2019. My passion and drive in creativity came out in full swing to nurture this concept into a project, and eventually into a business venture.  Intimately Mine is now a reality with a mission to create, design and provide fundamental undergarments that are not only functional, but fits appropriately and comfortably for larger cup-sized women.

I discovered through research that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size and the women I surveyed actually thought they knew their sizes but in reality they did not! Certain parameters were used to arrive at this conclusion!
As the owner of Intimately Mine, I want to ensure women have proper fitting undergarments by using modern technology to create a line of luxury and stylish lingerie which specifically caters for mid to large cup sizes. (32-40; C-H)

Intimately Mine represents the confidence of a woman, which is intimately connected to her, whilst her comfort and sexuality emanates from within.
Our lingerie line will encourage women to exude inner beauty, power and confidence as they move about all through the day!
My dream will be fulfilled when every woman wears our luxury lingerie and keep “loving their bodies”.

Aderonke Olamilokun

CEO, Intimately Mine Lingerie

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