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Lingerie Maintenance

Caring For Your Lingerie

Intimately Mine undergarments are made from high quality delicate laces and embroideries. Great quality lingerie is an investment and should be treated with care to get the best out of your purchase. We strongly advise you to wash your lingerie by hand. They last much longer if washed gently by hand.

Fill a tub with warm water (max 30°C) and detergent and put in the dirty lingerie (ideally with the clasps fastened so they can’t snag anywhere they shouldn’t) and repeatedly immerse the lingerie. Make sure to swirl lingerie around the water. Don’t wring it or rub it. Rinse with clear warmish water (max 30°C) until all the detergent is gone.

We also advise you follow care instructions on the care label found inside each item. Lack of gentle care and high temperature can damage fabrics, ruin elastic and affect fabric color.

Machine Washing

In this fast moving world of today, with so much activities and schedules demanding our attention, hand washing can be a hassle for some, and preferences may tend towards using a washing machine. If you really want to opt for the washing machine, then turn your lingerie inside out and place in a lingerie wash bag to protect the garment. Please wash items on a gentle wash cycle e.g. for wool or delicate items 30°C. Hopefully, going with these steps will maximize the wear from the garments.

Do not put lingerie in the tumble dryer, hang it out to dry. Lingerie can also dry flat on a towel or be hung on a drying rack. Always hang the bra by the central front panel so it can dry evenly. Never put lingerie on a heat source. Only put lingerie away if it is completely dry.

*Lingerie should never be ironed*.

Storing your Lingerie

How to store your bra

Normal underwired bras should be folded at the center through the mid-front gore, (the area between the cups) so the wires stay flat to each other with the clasp fastened and folded behind the cups.

This is also known as spooning the bras. Padded and molded bras should remain unfolded and stored flat to prevent any creases in the padding.

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