Bra Fitting Advice

Bra Fitting Advice

Have you heard the gist about women and bras? The truth is 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, this might be hard to believe but research has proven that it is an actual fact.

Unfortunately, we have all been poorly educated on how a bra should sit on us, and how the bra fitting and bra sizing technicalities work, so due to this poor information, bad habits have been inherited along the line which unfortunately has stayed with us for so long.

The traditional tape measure has been used for so many decades but it has now been considered inaccurate, and out of date by lingerie experts. In addition, modern technology has also brought about changes in the range of bra sizes out there.

The modern way of measuring today is referred to as Fit by Sight (or ‘by eye’), which simply denotes being able to look at someone & determine the bra size needed.

Real experts ‘fit by sight’ – many independents do it as well. FBS is more accurate than fitting with a tape measure because: – A tape measure is static, a breast is not – A tape measure cannot accurately measure volume and shape e.g. a wide breast – The tape measure (TM) result is subject to how the user holds the tape measure – There is more than one TM technique so no consistency for customers, it is a made up arbitrary technique that doesn’t actually work!

Getting yourself professionally fitted every 6 to 12 months is extremely helpful, because women’s bodies go through changes at some point in their lives.
At Intimately Mine, we suggest that for an accurate fit, you may want to use our one to one remote/ home visit bra fitting consultancy service. However, we are also aware that the daily demands on our time due to work or busy schedules, may inhibit us from creating time to get professionally fitted by an expert, for this reason, you can make use of our bra size calculator feature, to just get on with it and grab that lingerie you have been craving for! (See our IM Collection section for sizing details)

Understanding Breast Shapes

It is a known fact that we are all created uniquely different, and this applies to our breast shapes and sizes too. For instance, some women with full volume breasts especially at the top, may have a plumper or round breast while some women with a less full breast giving a tear-drop shape breast.

There are also women who may have the exact shape of bust measurement but their breast shapes may be completely different, in this case they may require different cup sizes or might be well suited to particular bra styles.
The diagram below demonstrates how a breast can vary from one woman to the other.

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